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I like you

I like largeness

Community for Stayne (Knave of Hearts) & Alice
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Your source for Stayne/Alice, from Tim Burton's 2010 Alice in Wonderland film
We're all mad here

Welcome to staynexalice, your only source for the fantastic pairing of Stayne/Alice from the 2010 Tim Burton film: Alice in Wonderland. Join for exclusive member-only posts.

R U L E S:

(1) First off, THIS IS A FLAME-FREE COMMUNITY! Rudeness, aggression, and hurtful comments will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to contact the maintainer with any concerns, as flaming will not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be tolerated. Hateful comments will be deleted and the user warned. If the problem persists, the user will be blocked. Take the drama llama elsewhere; we have no need of him (or her) here. If you don't like the pairing, than hit the back button.
(2)Put videos, huge pictures, or lengthy posts behind a lj cut.
(3) When posting icons, you may have up to three teaser images.
(4) When posting wallpapers or fanmixes, please resize the previews accordingly.
(5) Do NOT link to locked posts. Leave the entry open for three days at least.
(6) Fiction is to be rated using the MPAA standard: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17.
(7) When posting R or NC-17 fiction, you must CLEARLY put a warning.
(8) NSFW posts must be locked and clearly marked.
(9) Tags are our method of organization. Please use them for every entry you make.
(10) Entries must pertain to Stayne/Alice, or at least be directed towards their respective characters.
(11) Graphics don't just have to feature Stayne/Alice. As long as said graphics feature Alice or Stayne, you may post them.</br>
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