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11 August 2017 @ 11:58 pm
Shouts into the cavernous void that is this comm, "ANYBODY WANT SMUT?"  
HEY FRIENDS, if, indeed, any of you are still around

I watched Through the Looking Glass the other day (very late to the party lol) and it was, y'know. Okay(tm). It made me really sentimental for this comm. I even read through the entirety of my old cringey fics! It made me laugh, I had completely forgotten about it.

ANYWAY! In my sentimentality I wrote some NEW fic. And it's porn!! Because gosh, this ship could always use more porn, even what, like... seven years after its release? At what point does a fandom become old enough that it loops back around to being active again?

It's slight AU, grumpy!gentle!Stayne, sassy!Alice who teases him a lot. I cannot capture the glorious sleaziness of Crispin Glover as Ilosovic but... maybe emotionally constipated? Yeah.


I also drew a Stayne!

It's over on tumblr! And if any of ya'll are still active on the interwebs (esp tumblr) and we happen to have similar interests, maybe... let's follow each other??

Current Mood: amusedamused